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Why The Caterpilla

The ‘caterpillar’  was chosen due to its life cycle emulating a projects’ life cycle.

The ability for the ‘caterpillar’ to adapt and re-develop, reflects the way in which AIC Solutions approaches a project.

As we all know a ‘caterpillar’ starts its life as an ‘egg’ which is the very beginning of life. We relate to this as the Concept stage of a project.

The ‘egg’ hatches into a rapidly changing caterpillar designed to avoid its prey. This relates to our Design Process and the pitfalls that others experience.

As the caterpillar develops, it starts to change again, this time creating a chrysalis in which to metamorphosise into a most pleasing product. We relate this to our Development process.

The result is the final stage which is the release, ‘the butterfly’, which after achieving flight  (commissioning), is effective and admired, starting the whole cycle again supporting the propagation of its species.

In this way we can relate to the completion of your project but continue our involvement, keeping the end product running for its life cycle until there is a better solution….that’s Evolution! … and that’s our business!

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