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Test Rigs

Most products require some form of testing to show how it will perform in a given situation.

A I C Solutions has built and automated many Test Rigs for carrying out a multitude of functions, simulations and checks.

More complex rigs for the reclamation of rare gasses or where lasers are harnessed for micro engineering have incorporate the latest in PLC’s, Servos, Motion control, Steppers, Inverters, Pneumatics, RF devices, Hydraulics, Motors and Robotics.

The products can then be tested by safely subjecting them to stresses such as: Extreme Temperatures, High Speeds, Unusual Gasses, High Pressure, High Vacuum, etc.

Test Rigs utilising our systems generally require results to be maintained to a high level of accuracy. We carry out Calibration on a periodic basis as an independent body as prescribed by the clients QMS to ensure that the results remain accurate.

Producing rigs for such purposes across a wide range of industries forms a large percentage of our work and we always look forward to the next challenge presented to us, can you help us with our constant need for a challenge?

Whether you are in the Americas, Europe or the East, distance is no object when it comes to the A I C Solutions technology difference!

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