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SCADA Systems

SCADA or HMI System?

SCADA control systems frighten many would be customers. Often the benefits of SCADA software are lost due to the reputation of high costs of SCADA equipment.

At A I C Solutions highly complex SCADA projects have been completed HOWEVER we have also done simpler applications costing as little as £500. Our wide experience enables us to develop systems leveraging the extended knowledge of the software used to create prior SCADA applications.

A I C Solutions retains a team of experienced SCADA system integrators and has produced a large number of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems as well as many simpler Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions including touch screens. Talk to us about the most cost effective way forward for your project.

When taking on a project we can assist clients with the selection of the most suitable SCADA system manufacturer to provide the best hardware to realise the application appropriate to your needs. We can also provide all the expertise to help develop and program a fully integrated SCADA system.

The most common SCADA systems that A I C Solutions have developed include the following features:

User interface, High Speed Data logging, Language Translations, Graphics, PLC interface, VB Scripting, Alarms, Recipes, Menus, Security, Animation, Event logging, Historical data, Export to other formats, Trending, Scheduling, and Remote Viewing.

Networking the SCADA system gives you the ability to run in remote locations from the equipment generating the Data. This allows linking with other applications such as Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) for production processes.

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