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At A I C Solutions we are proud of our skill set and have engineered a wide range of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems, from small stand-alone implementations through to enterprise wide solutions.

This has given us the experience and extended software knowledge necessary to develop SCADA applications that surpass our customers expectations.

When starting a SCADA project, we firstly ensure that we understand the detail of the process and the finer points of the components in need of control. We are then in a position to assist with the selection of the software to give you the best application, taking into consideration the front end device (typically a PLC), commercial impact, reliability, stability, performance and ease of integration.

As we integrate software from various manufacturers, we offer impartial advice on the selection of suitable SCADA system for your application. If standard SCADA packages do not meet your needs or are not a commercial practicality then our custom designed software or a simple HMI solution may be the cost effective answer to your requirement.

The design of the system is determined by your requirements and we assist you to develop; the final software solution. We can also assist in the development of any Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) required for the system. We offer this as a fully integrated service.

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