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Medium To Large Projects

At A I C Solutions we are able to cater for all project sizes. We understand how a medium to large sized project can be daunting to the best of engineers, however we have experience in projects of all sizes and have the right systems in place to handle larger projects.


If you have the concept for a product but have not yet completed the design we have a design team capable of assisting you in your goal and producing a design specification that will move your concept to the development stage.

Our Designers are experienced in both Hardware and Software Design giving you the complete, integrated solution, to your concept.


Likewise, our development group are a highly skilled team with the ability to help you take your design through to completion.

Project Management:

Where the exact due date of a project may not be known but the end result is, we would assist you in producing a project plan, which is easy to interact with, giving you a better understanding of how your project will evolve over its life cycle and what milestones and goal must be met.

We would then help to manage the project through to release, liaising with your chosen supplier of services.

Such a project would be carried out using our QMS which ensures both the quality of the end product and that the project will be completed in a timely and efficient fashion.


Your insurance policy is ‘our knowledge’. We often work with ‘customer’ and ‘supplier’ together ensuring both understand the ‘need’ vs. ‘what is being offered’. The utilisation of ‘milestones’ ensures the design is finalised at structured points. This work is typically carried out on a daily basis as required depending on the size of the project and skill levels required.

Machinery moves:

Moves of any kind are daunting enough on their own, but having made a move, finding things no longer function properly underlines the need for preparation, often too late.

A I C Solutions have a wealth of experience in all facets of engineering and have a sound understanding of complex machinery, preventing, assisting and resolving machine movement and re-installation problems …….. all good!

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