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Large Projects

A I C Solutions’ Quality Management System will ensure the result meets with your expectation in a timely and efficient fashion.

Understanding that large projects need to run and be managed to a high standard, we always ensure that we have experienced resources allocated and professional systems in place.


With larger projects you may wonder where to start or having started run short of resources and this again is where our design team can assist you. Our Designers are experienced in projects in the ‘million pounds plus’ arena over a broad base of technical skills and are a resource you can ‘turn on and of like a tap’


Sometimes, with larger projects, it is wise to have splinter development groups so YOU can concentrate your experience on the areas where you may make the biggest impact, or simply use your knowledge to direct the development.


With large scale projects we implement simulated operations as part of testing all elements before moving forward to on-site installation and commissioning.

Project Management

Project Management requires strategic planning and is paramount in order to identify areas requiring more immediate attention and a possible change of resources or direction. From there on, our management skills will monitor areas which can be ‘multi-tasked’ in the most time effective manner to meet deadlines and control budgets.

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