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Application Development

A I C Solutions is a market leader in Industrial Application Development.

We are set up to provide our customers with applications using the latest technology on the market. Our application development skills are focused around today’s industrial market involving live data analysis, reporting, control, and remote visibility over each process within your business.

Over the years applications have become more and more flexible allowing us to combine custom equipment into one system by extracting data produced by the equipment then producing business tools giving visability of the overall process. Our excellent knowledge of industrial controls combined with business process controls and data analysis we are in a strong position to provide you with the exact application for your needs today and tomorrow.

The custom needs of most companies today leaves many people struggling to do their jobs carrying out repetitive tasks day in day out. People are tasked with combining data into the format they require then produce a presentation or report from this data. A I C Solutions specialise in producing small custom adaptable applications for simplifying these everyday tasks in the working environment.

We develop applications that give you flexibility over time, meeting your ever changing needs using Visual Studio.Net development platform. Our Application Designers have extensive practical experience of developing software to solve real Industry problems. Their main job is to provide you with the best possible design for your application to give you reliability and scalability. We primarily develop our applications using Visual Basic and C# to provide a scalable application to meet today’s needs as well as tomorrow.

The majority of our applications use an n-tier application structure allowing each level to be expanded as necessary without having major affect on the other sections of the program as long as the overall functionality of the application is not changed.

We only need two things from you as our customer, an idea of what your application will do and payments at the relevant stages of your application development.

We have also the ability to develop legacy applications using older visual basic 6 software where the need should arrise. However where possible we would recomend the upgrade to a .net application.

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