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Welcome to A I C Solutions specialists in PLC programming, SCADA and other industrial control solutions.

We are an automation and process control company with a broad range of skills ranging from the wiring of electrical control panels and the production of test rigs through to high level software application development using various platforms.

We are a trade house that has been supporting industry since 1971 and as such are in a position to help clients with old equipment yet our status is such that we are at the forefront of technology.

Our core skills include PLC programming, HMI and SCADA systems and custom software application development for the web or for Windows using both the latest .net programming technologies and Visual Basic 6.0 programming.

Another area of expertise of ours is industrial health and safety and we have a number of products relating to vehicle and conveyer safety. In addition we provide safety consultants to help develop safety equipment to meet your specific needs.

We also offer instrument and test equipment calibration services including the production of calibration software to meet your requirements. Additionally we offer a general ‘maintenance and support’ service.

We are proud of the high and broad level of skills within A I C Solutions and we have the experience to take on any automation project. So whatever your needs, whether its PLC programming, SCADA or any other industrial control solution you need, contact us if only to talk over what might be coming up on your horizon.

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